Austen, Jane

Austen, Jane

( 1775 – 1817 )

Place Extract
Dartford Ten years later she stopped for breakfast at the same inn on the way down to Godmersham and in a letter to her sister Cassandra made another slighting reference to the food: ‘ the same bad butter’… The literature we offer here is constantly updating and changing, so come back for updates. While waiting, go check out this Aussie online casino.
Ramsgate At that time Ramsgate’s character was largely shaped by its importance as a military embarkation port, depot and training ground…
Sittingbourne She mentions that she and her mother were waited for at “The George”, this may be either of the three “The George” pubs/hotels of Sittingbourne (44, The Street; 76 London Rd; 41 High Street)…