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Betjeman John

The hotel, a bungalow in stucture, was designed by the sam,e architect, J...

Caine Thomas

The writer of novelistic melodramas was befriended at a young age in 1880 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and organised his train journey to Birchington in February 1882...

Dearmer Geoffrey

His poetry was informed by religious faith rather than revulsion at the bloody and futile experience of war, despite the deaths in 1915 of his brother at Gallipoli and his mother who contracted fever while nursing in Serbia...

Orczy Baroness

Baroness Orczy was always keen to use places she knew well as settings for her novels and the one she wrote during her three years in Thanet, ‘The Nest of the Sparrowhawk’(1913), has as its background the area around the tiny village of Acol where she and her husband rented a house...

Rossetti Dante

Funeral and Grave

After a short illness, Rossetti died at Birchington on Easter Day, 9th April 1882, surrounded by family and friends...

Rossetti Christina

Her immediate grief having lessened, she was able to appreciate the benefits of the seaside : ‘Except perhaps mountain air, I don’t know that I ever was in what seemed to me air more salubrious than this...

Rossetti Dante

and D...

Sharp William

This novelist, poet and biographer, who also wrote Celtic romances under the pseudonym Fiona Macleod, became a protégé of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and visited him on at least two occasions during his final illness in Birchington...

Watts-Dunton Theodore

uk/database/en/author/Rossetti%20Dante%20Gabriel">Dante Gabriel Rossetti much practical and moral support in his latter years...



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