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César Jules


Deseille Ernest

Dans Curiosités de l’histoire du pays boulonnais, mœurs et usages, traditions, superstitions, etc...

Dickens Charles

As he returned there, Charles Dickens must have liked the town of Boulogne, the following year he rented the property of M...

Dickens Charles

The Dickens family and Miss Hogarth spent the summer of 1853 at the château des Moulineaux in Boulogne, owned by M...

Huret Jules

Jules Huret was born at Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1864...

Huret Jules

He went on to produce many more articles for parisian newspapers...

Thackeray William

William Thackeray knew Boulogne well, having stayed there from June to September 1854...



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