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Cobbett William

Some of these views took as their target the kind of institutionalised corruption he first began to perceive in his army career and continued to expose all through his life...

Dickens Charles

Four years later John Dickens’s extravagant handling of the family finances forced the family to move to a smaller, humbler dwelling in St Mary’s Place [now The Brook], since demolished...

Dickens Charles

It was as a writer at the height of his powers, however, that Dickens summoned up the cacophonous activity of Chatham Dockyard working at full stretch in another article he wrote for ‘All The Year Round...

Dickens Charles

The young Dickens must have observed with interest the construction of Fort Pitt, completed in 1819, to add to the existing forts Amherst, Clarence, Delce and Luton...

Kipling Rudyard

This well-known interest led to frequent invitations to participate in new ship trials and manoeuvres with the Channel Fleet...

Pepys Samuel

In his capacity as Clerk of the Acts to the Navy Board (and later as Secretary to the Admiralty) Samuel Pepys was a frequent visitor to Chatham Dockyard...

Waugh Evelyn


Wells H. G.

In 1909 at the height of an already well established literary career, H...



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