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Arbuthnot John

The issue is a lawsuit which will decide who will get the economic and trade monopoly on exchanges between Holland, England and France...

Lamartine Alix

Like her son Alphonse de Lamertine, Mme Lamartine paid several visits to this place...

Lamartine Alix

During the course of her stay with her daughter at Hondschoote Alix de Lamartine is impressed by the sea at Dunkerque and records her thoughts asshe did for Calais in her Manuscrit de ma mère...

Lamartine Alix

In the following extracts she praises the town and port of Dunkerque where she makes various social outings...

Mac Orlan Pierre

A keen traveller Pierre Mac Orlan summarises the flemish characteristics of Dunkerque, highlighting the features of the port and underlining the importance of the canals in the vicinity of the town...

Mac Orlan Pierre

He mentions the town’s port as well as his flemish experience and the importance of the canals used for transport...

Mac Orlan Pierre

Pierre Mac Orlan describes his memories of Dunkerque during the war and compares them with his, then current, experience of the town...

Swaen Michel

Born at Dunkerque on 20th January 1654, in the place du Marché au Poisson, Swaen spent his entire childhood there...

Verne Jules

Friends, family and the priest are therefore waiting expectantly for the groom to lead him to the altar...



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