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Defoe Daniel

Blending anecdotes with formal descriptions Defoe wrote in a style which is enjoyable and which made his 'Tour' “a particular and diverting account of whatever is curious and worth observation” in Great Britain...

Dickens Charles

An article of uncertain authorship, featuring Faversham and entitled ‘Assault and Battery’ (1864), was published in Dickens’s periodical All the Year Round...

Hasted Edward

One would have thought that producing a work of such magnitude would have compelled the author to the secluded life of a scholar...

Lambarde William

In his 'Perambulations of Kent',Lambarde’s interests lay more with the history of the abbey of Faversham than with the town itself, but he noted its prosperity and favourable location:...

Masters John

1820) and ‘Richard and Sarah Waiting for the Train’...

McEwen John

Unfortunately it seems that this powerful new explosive was not known well enough and that therefore this tragedy occurred...



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