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Asquith Cynthia


Bowen Elizabeth

Her books emphasise the relationship between characters and their environment ...

Cowper William

In a letter to a friend holidaying in Thanet in July 1779, the poet William Cowper recalled his own stay in the area 16 years before and recommended some places to visit, including Lord Holland’s estate at Kingsgate...

Gray Thomas

Gray’s disapproval of Lord Holland was shared by the general public by whom he was widely regarded as a high-ranking robber for having amassed a vast personal fortune during his time as Paymaster General of the Forces...

Lawrence D.H.

Nonetheless they had quite a lively social life with visits from Katherine Mansfield, John Middleton Murry and Edward Marsh, through whom they were introduced to Herbert and Cynthia Asquith, also staying nearby, in Marine Drive...

Mansfield Katherine

Mansfield was at the beginning of her brief literary career ,which is chiefly marked by collections of short stories and poems, many of them published posthumously...

Marsh Sir Edward

In gratitude, Lawrence urged him to visit them...

Murry John

When the critic John Middleton Murry accepted D...

Richards Frank

Although the weekly was not published after the war, Billy Bunter’s popularity was undiminished and he continued to appear in books, a television series and Christmas shows, with Richards keeping up an enormous volume of words on this and his other children’s stories...



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