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Hollingshead John

Thereafter, he became a regular contributor of articles to the journal and to its successor, 'All the Year Round', using the kind of humorous and graphically detailed style favoured by its editor...

Irving Laurence

Irving, himself the son of the famous Sir Henry Irving, spent summers and weekends at the windmill on Borstal Hill, after his parents bought it at the beginning of the 1900s...

Maugham Somerset

In one spot, a few yards out at sea, high and dry at low water, were the remains of an old hulk, whose wooden ribs stood out weirdly like the skeleton of some huge sea-beast...

Parker Richard

The former route of the ‘Crab and Winkle’ line has now been made into a cycle route linking Canterbury and Whitstable...

Pinero Sir Arthur

He rented Tankerton Tower (later Whitstable Castle) for several weeks in the summer and autumn of 1895, spending his time writing and resting...



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